Hanan, the beginning of the story and the depth of achievement

Hanan, the beginning of the story and the depth of achievement

There are many examples of motherhood in our lives, from the context of this reality we see mothers with disabilities struggling, which qualified them for this great motherhood

In order to take care of the disabled in the humanitarian and social framework, according to the disability as a primary element of the center of attention in developed societies, but when this mother is the one who needs attention, she is the one who gives, exerts and struggles in a deteriorating economic situation and harsh conditions

"I hope to have one room to shelter me and my children to be safe from the risk of floods"

Hanan, a special needs, shares a “tent" along with her six children, facing the difficulties of life without aid, added to it the fear of disaster risk (rain and floods) and living in the open

Hanan presents the image of a unique model of giving, and distinctive in dedication, as she often achieves with her daily struggle many achievements no less important than a healthy mother, but excels here, generating the importance of the great role she plays with unparalleled determination

Hanan's wish has become a reality. Not just a room.. Rather, it is a beautiful house

For Hanan and other vulnerable families living in the course of the floods, the (UHF) housing complex was established in the district of Bajel, Hudaydah Governorate. A year after the house was handed over to her, we visited Hanan and her children, we asked her about her needs, she said “my house is enough for me... I live with my children with dignity

Hanan is a woman fighting despite her disability, taking responsibility for her children. She is grateful to everyone who contributed to grant her wish, but we seek to fulfill the wishes of other vulnerable families who still live in tents in the course of floods


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