“Honoring of the Foundation’s Staff”

“Honoring of the Foundation’s Staff”

The Haidara Foundation for Peace and Human Development honored

its administrative and technical staff today

In a speech delivered at the ceremony held in the presence of the Foundation’s President, Ms. Sohear Al-Maeedhi and the Executive Director Abdul Jabbar Al-Bahri, Mr. Haidara stated that the Foundation was founded to provide aid and assistance to the community under the light of the current exceptional circumstances that it is experiencing as a result of the war and the siege, based on the national responsibility towards the Yemeni people. Adding: All the success achieved by the Foundation during its humanitarian journey that started in April 2017 until the beginning of 2020 is because of the efforts of its loyal administrative and technical staff, but what has been accomplished has not yet reached the level of ambitions of the Foundation’s leadership whose bid and projects are aimed to include the largest number of beneficiaries

Mr. Haidara expressed the Foundation's aspiration to expand the charity bakery activity established by the Foundation in the capital Sanaa, and to expand the circle of its beneficiaries, in addition to establishing similar charity bakeries in some governorates that contribute to secure loaves for the citizens most in need .. praising the role of the Pure Hands organization, which is the strategic partner in implementing the most important projects

Mr. Haidara pointed out that cooperation, interdependence and community partnership are the key to the success of the humanitarian work in any society, which requires all the well-to-do from commercial companies and businessmen to support all national efforts and humanitarian work in cooperation with local organizations active in the field

He called on the Yemeni media to actively contribute to support voluntary work, self-initiatives and humanitarian action as a societal culture that will effect a qualitative shift in the reality of the exhausted people due to the conspiracies being hatched against them and that have negatively affected their living and health status

The honoring ceremony - which included the director of the Pure Hands Organization office in Yemen, Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Shuaibi and a group of media professionals and cooperating activists - featured a documentary film showing the activities and projects implemented by the Foundation since its inception in the areas of relief, education, health, humanitarian aid and economic empowerment

At the end of the ceremony, the Foundation’s President honored both the Secretary General of the Foundation and the Executive Director of the Foundation with a Shield, in appreciation of their efforts in supporting, facilitating and implementing the Foundation's activities and projects


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