Haidara and the Pure Hands distribute the Eid clothes for 1,100 children

Haidara and the Pure Hands distribute the Eid clothes for 1,100 children

Haidara Foundation for Peace and Human Development and the Pure Hands Organization

distributed Eid Al-Adha clothes for 1,000 children in orphanages and cancer patients in the Capital Sana’a.

The President of Haidara Suhair Al-Maeedhi told the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that the production and distribution of Eid al-Adha clothes project, which was implemented by the foundation with the co-financing of the Pure Hands organization, included one thousand and one hundred children distributed among 12 organizations among orphanages, centers and institutions for the care of orphans and cancer patients.

She explained that the beneficiaries of the project were limited to the age group of 3-10 years, including 600 males and 500 females beneficiaries.

She stated that the clothes were distributed to the National Cancer Foundation (136), the Corner Initiative (104), Jawad Al-Rahman (80), Ibni Center for Autism (75), the Orphanage (60), Al-Rahma (47), Al-Shawkani (40), Al-Shaheed Al-Ahmar School (25) and Dar Al-Rafaqa Orphans (24).

She pointed out that 252 cases have been approved in the statements submitted by the Humanitarian Affairs Coordination Committee in the Capital Secretariat and 202 cases identified by the Foundation based on the results of the field survey of its technical teams, in addition to 54 beneficiaries through the organization Pure Hands.

Al-Maeedhi confirmed that the distribution process was preceded by a field drop to all the institutions and centers that host the beneficiary cases to confirm them and record their data related to the age group and gender

The President of the Foundation said that this year's Eid al-Adha clothing consists of integrated suits for males, dresses for females and shoes for both.
She pointed out that the Haidara Foundation inaugurated the production process of Eid al-Adha with its own laboratories during a month .... In the presence of the President of the Pure Hands Organization on the sidelines of his visit to Yemen.

She praised the efforts of the Pure Hands organization and its continuous support for the projects implemented by the Haidara Foundation to alleviate the pain and suffering of the poor and those with special needs and bring joy to the hearts of their children, noting the tangible cooperation shown by the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and its branches in different governorates to identify beneficiaries of the Foundation's projects and facilitate access to them.

She pointed out the importance of implementing such humanitarian projects to alleviate the suffering of orphans, the poor and cancer patients and to help institutions and care homes of these children to meet their necessary requirements.

She stressed the importance of social solidarity to overcome the challenges and difficult living conditions affecting thousands of families because of the war and the siege imposed on Yemen.


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