Haidara Launches Charity Bakery for Poor and Displaced Families

Haidara Launches Charity Bakery for Poor and Displaced Families

Haidara Foundation for Peace and Humanitarian Development launched a charity bakery

to provide bread for poor and displaced families in the capital Sana'a.

During the inauguration, the head of the Foundation, Suhair Al-Maeedhi, explained that the bakery, which is funded by the Haidara Foundation in partnership with the International Mercy Organization, aims in the first stage to provide bread for 200 poor and displaced families in addition to the school meal for 800 students from the displaced and the poor in the capital.

She pointed out that the bakery will distribute three thousand and 800 pieces of loaf a day at a rate of 108 thousand loaves per month, bringing the total to be distributed annually to one million and 291 thousand loaves.

She said that the quantities of baguette will meet the needs of 200 families with a population of 1500 people, in addition to providing the school meal for 800 students and the extension of the circle of beneficiaries in the next stages.

The beneficiaries of the poorest and most destitute families and students most vulnerable to malnutrition were identified as a result of poverty and destitution suffered by the families of these students, according to a field study and fielding of the teams of the Foundation in cooperation with local councils and the head of the neighborhood and schools.

The President of the Foundation said that the distribution process for beneficiaries will be in accordance with a precise mechanism to ensure fairness and justice through magnetic cards carried by each beneficiary and receive the daily share of bread and school meal.

She pointed out that the charity bakery project will represent a successful humanitarian initiative that will encourage humanitarian organizations and philanthropists to support the establishment and establish more bakeries to cover the needs of the poor and the displaced in Sana'a and other governorates.

The head of Haidara Foundation praised the cooperation of the Mercy Worldwide Organization in taking part of the cost of building the bakery and buying its production equipment. She called on businessmen and local and international humanitarian organizations to support the charity bakery to ensure its sustainability and increase the number of beneficiaries and initiate similar projects that contribute to bridging the poor. Burdens of living life.

The inauguration was attended by representatives of humanitarian organizations and the head of the neighborhood in the beneficiary districts of the project in the capital's secretariat.


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