Conclusion of a Training Couse for NGOs

Conclusion of a Training Couse for NGOs

Haidara Foundation Ends a Training Course in the Management of
NGO Development Projects

A training course on development project management, organized by the Haidara Foundation for Peace and Human Development, was concluded today in Sana'a for a number of NGOs

At the conclusion, the Executive Director of the Foundation, Abduljabar Al-Bahari, explained that the course aimed at teaching the staffs of a number of NGOs about modern ways to manage and implement development projects.

He pointed out that the course will contribute in the development of the performance of NGOs working in the humanitarian field, as it included aspects related to the activities and projects of these organizations, starting from planning until the completion of the implementation of projects and achieve the goal.

He pointed out that the Foundation will hold similar training courses in cooperation with its international and local partners, which will contribute to enhancing cooperation with these organizations and benefit  the beneficiaries from the activities and the projects carried out.

A speech was given by the trainees expressing their gratitude to Haidara Foundation and all those who participated in the success of the course, especially as they adopted a new scientific method called "PMD pro" for project management in the development sector.

In conclusion, the President of Haidara Foundation Suhair Abdul Rahman Al-Maeedhi and the trainer of the course, Arwa Al-Baadani, gave the trainees an accredited certificate from the Arab Board along with a certificate of participation from the Foundation as well as electronic files and scientific books and references on project management.

The course focused on several axes, most notably the planning and preparation of development projects and stages of implementation and management of time and resources and risks in addition to the knowledge bases necessary to succeed in the management of any development project ...


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